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Live Entertainment

It’s the energy that only live music can bring. Music to set the scene, move the evening forward, get people up and dancing. St. Royal Entertainment has the sound for every moment of your event.

Soul Bands

Enhance your event with the infectious beat and deep grooves of the St. Royals' signature sound. Our high energy spin on soul, R&B and Mowtown classics is guaranteed to keep the dance floor packed. With three different band configurations to start from, the St. Royals' playful sophistication can be tailored to suit events large and small.

  • The St. Royals 7 A lean, clean and polished combination that delivers a dynamic sound to the dance floor of your reception or corporate event.
      • Multiple Vocalists
      • Drums
      • Guitar
      • 2-Piece Horn Section
      • Keyboard
      • Bass
  • The St. Royals 9 The preferred choice for hearing music as it’s meant to be – a full, rich sound that takes events to a higher level.
      • Multiple Vocalists
      • Drums
      • Guitar
      • 3-Piece Horn Section
      • Keyboard
      • Bass
      • Percussion
  • The St. Royals Superband Combining the best of the St. Royals into what can only be called the Superband. It’s an incredible showcase for the music we love and an unforgettable live event experience.
      • Multiple Lead & Backup Vocalists
      • Drums
      • Rhythm & Lead Guitars
      • 6-Piece Horn Section
      • Keyboards, Organ, Synth
      • Bass
      • Percussion
Experience the St. Royals in person at a live show or watch videos of them perform some of their soul repertoire at a studio jam session.

Ensembles & Soloists

Music seamlessly blended into every stage of your event. Small bands and solo performers add that extra touch of class and elevate your occasion.

  • Jazz Smooth, warm jazz playing in the background for cocktails, ceremonies, or meals. Jazz ensembles are versatile, they can be instrumental or with a vocalist.
  • Strings Classical selections as an elegant complement to an event’s reception, meal or ceremony.
  • Duos Personalize your event with a musical pairing of your choice—a classical string duo for a delicate accent to an afternoon reception, or a contemporary vocalist and accompaniment to add warmth to a ceremony. Your consultant will help you find the ideal configuration for each moment.
  • Soloists For a touch of intimate sophistication impress your guests with a solo piano or guitar and create the perfect lounge inspired cocktail reception.


A DJ offers the widest range of musical styles along with the expert ability to read a crowd. St. Royal Entertainment offers a team of professional DJs known as “DJ Royale” – available to be booked separately for any kind of event. A complimentary, basic "Playlist & DJ Service" is included as part of all event packages.


Your St. Royal consultant along with the production team will help you determine the best audiovisual options to match your aesthetic — from additional lighting to intensify the dance floor or to enhance the features of the venue, to supplemental audio that adds clarity and richness to the music — along with the best solutions specific to your venue. It's a seamless integration of ambiance and design.

  • Band & DJ
  • Lighting & Decor
  • Speeches
  • Ceremony
  • Video & Displays
Band & DJ

A selection of some of the services we offer for Band & DJ production.

  • Staging
  • Band Lighting
  • Dance Floor Lighting
  • White Speakers
  • Mini Systems for Small Bands
Lighting & Decor

A selection of some of the services we offer for Lighting & Decor production.

  • Accent Lighting (Movers, Uplighting, Pin Spots)
  • Draping
  • White Speakers

A selection of some of the services we offer for Speech & Keynote production.

  • Wireless Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Lecturn

A selection of some of the services we offer for Ceremony production.

  • Wireless Lav Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Draping
  • Lighting
  • Staging (for Chuppah)
Video & Displays

A selection of some of the services we offer for Video & Display production.

  • Projectors
  • Screens
  • LCD Displays
  • Slideshows
  • Photo Loops

Entertainment Consulting

An experienced team to work hand in hand with you in selecting the perfect live entertainment. We create a custom music experience that is matched to your event, itinerary and budget. We bring expert opinions, tested solutions, and a bit of charm, towards realizing your vision.

"Throughout my career I have worked for many international entertainment companies and discovered that I also have a knack for organizing and an empathetic touch when working with co-workers and clients. I was fortunate enough to join St. Royal when I moved to Toronto and in this company I have been able to merge my passion for performance with my ability to skillfully coordinate entertainment for many different types of events."

Leah Canali
Executive Consultant

"I love music, which is why St. Royal Entertainment is the perfect place for me to be. I have the opportunities on a daily basis to explore my love of music and entertainment and share it with others who are equally passionate. SRE has become a melting pot for all of my musical interests and allows me to call upon these different skill sets everyday."

James Ervin
Executive Consultant

"I had my first taste of leading a large band while living in Australia and discovered that not only did I really enjoy it, but that the band was also thriving with me as the ‘glue’ person holding it all together. That experience was the beginning of the impetus for St. Royal and led me to re-imagine live music and event entertainment to be polished, professional and fun."

Andrew St. Royal
Owner, Founder

"As someone who has been in the event industry for my entire working life, I have had the opportunity to see a huge array of private and corporate events from many perspectives. I know how integral the soundtrack is to any event, and am always so happy to see moving feet and smiling faces on and off the dance floor. As a member of the St. Royals team, it is a constant pleasure to work with such a talented group of musicians and unwaveringly passionate people. I know that the St. Royals are always looking out for the best interest of every unique event."

Dan Sadowski
Entertainment Consultant

"The St. Royals have a roster of individuals who are passionate about their craft. From the musicians to the consultants, we take immense pride in everything we do and it shows in all our work. We know what vital parts music and entertainment are to an event and our team of consultants thrive in ensuring that we exceed all our client’s expectations."

Flo Tran-Butash
Entertainment Consultant