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Everything Music

There is a right time, place and soundtrack for each moment. We understand this better than anyone.

Live Band & DJ

Showpieces designed for maximum celebration. Let us design the perfect music experience for your event. These live band configurations and DJs are at the core of what we do best.

  • The St. Royals Band 7-piece to 12-piece, 100% Live.
    Medium footprint: 16'x12' to 24'x16'.
    Soul, Funk, Motown, R&B, Pop, Top 40

    The top in terms of sonic fullness and sound quality. These bands reproduce authentic live sound and are similar to the configurations of professional touring acts like Bruno Mars (live), Justin Timberlake (live), Beyonce (live).
      • Powerful Vocals
      • Drums
      • Guitars
      • Live Horns
      • Keyboards
      • Bass
  • DJs
    DJs DJ Performer, or DJ with live instruments.
    100% customizable repertoire.
    Small footprint: 8' x 8' to 8' x 12'

    A DJ is the most flexible and versatile music option.
    The right DJ and song list for the right occasion: background music selections for a cocktail event, to dancing & celebrations.
      • DJ
      • DJ with Live Instruments
      • with Saxophone
      • with Percussion
  • The St. Royals Superband 17-piece and larger. Unrivalled live music experience & visual spectacle. 100% Live.
    Large footprint: 24'x20' to 32'x20'
    Soul, Funk, Motown, R&B, Pop, Top 40

    Combining the best of the St. Royals into what can only be called "the Superband". It’s an incredible showcase for the music we love and an unforgettable live event experience. The band is a captivating powerhouse.
      • Multiple Lead & Backup Vocalists
      • Drums
      • Rhythm & Lead Guitars
      • 5-Piece+ Horn Section
      • Keyboards, Organ, Synth
      • Bass
      • Percussion
Experience the St. Royals in person at a live show or watch videos of them perform some of their repertoire at a studio jam session.

Specialty Ensembles & Soloists

This is decor for the senses. Fill the unused volumes of space with perfectly styled live music, and engage your senses further. Here are smaller-stage showpieces and background elements to bring life and energy - in the the right amounts - into every moment of your event.

  • Jazz // Gypsy Jazz Smooth, warm jazz playing in the background at receptions or as entertainment in a lounge setting. Jazz ensembles are versatile in style like Bebop, Swing and Gypsy. Usually instrumental. For vocal jazz try Crooner | Chanteuse. Commonly trios, quartets and quintets.
      • Vocal or Instrumental
      • Trumpet
      • Saxophone
      • Keyboards
      • Bass
      • Gypsy Guitar
      • Drums
  • Crooner // Chanteuse Crooner: Cool lounge and sophisticated jazz in the styles of Sinatra, Bublé, and the Rat Pack.
    Chanteuse: Sultry, rich vocals and elegant style in the spirit of Edith Piaf and Ella Fitzgerald
      • Male Crooner or Female Chanteuse
      • Saxophone
      • Trumpet
      • Keyboards
      • Bass & Guitars
      • Drums
  • Acoustic Groups Personalize your event with a musical pairing of your choice—for a delicate accent in the background or a contemporary vibe to add warmth and energy. We can find an ideal configuration for each moment and desired effect.
    Many instrument configurations including:
      • Vocals
      • Percussion
      • Guitars
      • Piano, Keys
      • Horns, Trumpet, Sax
  • Eclectic // Soloists Specialty performers and soloists will lend authenticity to your theme. This is decor for the senses to deepen the guest experience.
    Need help sourcing something unique? Let us know and we will find it!
      • Cocktail Piano
      • Accordion
      • Harp
      • New Orleans Brass Band
      • 20s Vintage Soul
      • Something Missing? Let us source it for you.
  • Vocal Groups Doo Wop, Jazz vocals, Folk Harmony, Gospel singers.
    Choreographed girl groups in the style of 60s soul.
      • Vocal Harmony groups & A Cappella

DJ Royale

A DJ offers the widest range of musical styles along with the expert ability to read a crowd. St. Royal Entertainment offers a team of professional DJs known as “DJ Royale”.

St. Royal Production

Your St. Royal music designer or consultant, along with our audiovisual production & design team will help you determine the best audiovisual options to match your aesthetic — from additional lighting to intensify the dance floor or to enhance the features of the venue, to supplemental audio that adds clarity and richness to the music — along with the best solutions specific to your venue. It's a seamless integration of ambiance and design.

  • Band & DJ
  • Lighting & Decor
  • Speeches
  • Ceremony
  • Video & Displays
Band & DJ

A selection of some of the services we offer for Band & DJ production.

  • Staging
  • Band Lighting
  • Dance Floor Lighting
  • White Speakers
  • Mini Systems for Small Bands
Lighting & Decor

A selection of some of the services we offer for Lighting & Decor production.

  • Accent Lighting (Movers, Uplighting, Pin Spots)
  • Draping
  • White Speakers

A selection of some of the services we offer for Speech & Keynote production.

  • Wireless Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Lecturn

A selection of some of the services we offer for Ceremony production.

  • Wireless Lav Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Draping
  • Lighting
  • Staging (for Chuppah)
Video & Displays

A selection of some of the services we offer for Video & Display production.

  • Projectors
  • Screens
  • LCD Displays
  • Slideshows
  • Photo Loops

Entertainment Design Team

An experienced team to work hand in hand with you in creating the perfect live entertainment experience. We create a custom music experience that is matched to your event, itinerary and budget. We bring expert advice, tested solutions, and a bit of charm, towards realizing your vision.

"Throughout my career I have worked for many international entertainment companies and discovered that I also have a knack for organizing and an empathetic touch when working with co-workers and clients. I was fortunate enough to join St. Royal when I moved to Toronto and in this company I have been able to merge my passion for performance with my ability to skillfully coordinate entertainment for many different types of events."

Leah Canali
Director of Operations, Entertainment Designer

"I had my first taste of leading a large band while living in Australia and discovered that not only did I really enjoy it, but that the band was also thriving with me as the ‘glue’ person holding it all together. That experience was the beginning of the impetus for St. Royal and led me to re-imagine live music and event entertainment to be polished, professional and fun."

Andrew St. Royal
Founder, CEO

"I started working with St. Royal by helping out when they were having problems with their PA system. From there my relationship with Andrew St. Royal grew. We co-founded an audiovisual design company, St. Royal Production in 2013 and now we work side by side designing staging, lighting and audio solutions for all the elements of an event, including entertainment. As the two companies continue to grow we are able to offer more individualized solutions to make every event unique."

Mike Walther
Production Manager, COO at St. Royal Production

"As someone who has been in the event industry for my entire working life, I have had the opportunity to see a huge array of private and corporate events from many perspectives. I know how integral the soundtrack is to any event, and am always so happy to see moving feet and smiling faces on and off the dance floor. As a member of the St. Royal team, it is a constant pleasure to work with such a talented group of musicians and unwaveringly passionate people. "

Dan Sadowski
Entertainment Designer

"St. Royal Entertainment has a huge roster of individuals who are passionate about their craft. From the musicians to the entertainment designers, we take immense pride in everything we do and it shows in all our work. We know what vital parts music and entertainment are to an event and our team of entertainment designers thrive in ensuring that we exceed all our client’s expectations."

Flo Tran-Butash
Entertainment Designer