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Background on St. Royal
St. Royal is a team of professional, talented, versatile, and positive-minded music artists. We help lead the success of our clients by rostering the right talent for each client’s vision and style.

We do what other agencies and entertainment companies dread - we actually work, and we have a blast doing it. Happy clients, a focused admin team, and a motivated talent roster are what we are about.

two saxophone players on stage at a wedding
A female wedding singer on stage with a live cover band behind her

Ask Yourself


Do you identify as a professional - someone who prefers to work with and contributes to a prepared, reliable, and communicative artist collective?


Do you crave musical satisfaction - working with seriously talented music artists in a variety of groups and configurations?


Do you want to explore your own potential for musicianship and showmanship?


Do you bring positive energy, enthusiasm, and a desire to exceed our client’s expectations?

What We Stand For

High Performance

We raise the bar of live music performance, professionalism, and innovation in the notoriously laid back, passive, ego-driven music industry.


We provide meaningful performance and growth opportunities to be claimed by those within our organization with the drive and desire to do so.


We develop self-driven individuals and promote individual excellence.

What We Look For


We want artists who respect others in the group. Your preparedness, reliability, punctuality, responsiveness, and accountability allows everyone to focus on the joy that comes with playing live music.


Our clients want to be lead, to be engaged with, and they want to be ‘WOW'ed visually. Simply put our clients expect big energy and artists who are engaged with the audience and each other.


We want artists who experience joy when making beautiful music and performing alongside other incredibly talented artists.

What We Do


Sound like a match? We can’t wait to hear from you.

What level of performance experience do you have? (Check all that apply)
Ideally, what volume of gig opportunites are you hoping for?
Please share as much information as possible and provide performance samples.

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