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If you’re considering the St. Royals for your event, look out for our live performances around Toronto. We encourage you to attend a free showcase, and see the The St. Royals perform their diverse Pop, Top 40, Funk, Soul, Motown and R&B repertoire live!

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Download a more complete list of the St. Royals’ repertoire.

The St. Royals Family

At the heart of St. Royal Entertainment are these exceptionally talented and hard-working people. Our company is St. Royal, our people are St. Royals.

Aaron Jones
Adam Weir
Allison Au
Andre Anthony
Andrew Kesler
Andrew St. Royal
Ania Soul
Anthony Brancati
Anthony Rinaldi
Ashot Grigorian
Ben Dietschi
Carlo Berardinucci
Chynna Lewis
Claire Doyle
Dan Sadowski
Flo Tran-Butash
Gary Beals
James Ervin
Janée Olivia
Jeff Eager
Joanna Mohammed
Jon Butash
Kevin Howley
La-Nai Gabriel
Leah Canali
Lewis Spring
Mack Longpre
Mario Allende
Mike Constantini
Mike Tobin
Mike Walther
Nevin Dunn
Nick Ferraro
Noel Thomson
Shahi Teruko
Stacey Shopsowitz
Steve Dyte
Todd Porter
Troy Dowding
Zach Bines