3 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner

Andrew St. Royal

The Role of a Wedding Planner: Streamlining the Path to Your Dream Wedding

We all know how it works… first comes the picture-perfect proposal, then the engagement announcement, and then comes the wedding. That sounds pretty straight-forward, sure, but the year before you get married is unlike any other year of your life. Why? Because everything moves fast… really fast. Blink and you might miss it, kind of fast. Soon enough, the ‘fiancé’ title you only recently tried on for the first time, will soon transform into husband or wife.

It’s an incredibly exciting time, but it’s also demanding; the process of planning your wedding can, oftentimes, feel less magical than the wedding day itself. And sure, this is par for the course when constructing a momentous (forever Instagram-worthy) occasion, but that’s not to say there aren’t ways to streamline the pre-wedding phase into a more relaxed, enjoyable process.

Fortunately for the newlyweds-to-be, this is where a wedding planner comes in to save the (big) day. Acting as your ultimate guide, the right planner will lead you (ever so seamlessly) into the world of perfectly curated romantic celebrations.

Finally, why would a music and entertainment agency be writing about event planners? Well, from a vendor’s perspective, there are several reasons…


Of course, only you can decide which planner is right for you. And while there exists no perfect blueprint to choosing a dedicated wedding ‘guru’, there is a singular sentiment which should guide you: Find a planner who builds a relationship with you.

After all, planning a wedding ceremony demands an intimate understanding of your expectations, and the unique story of your relationship. Laying the foundation for an occasion such as this is hardly transactional; rather, it’s built upon a partnership and an ongoing relationship between newlyweds-to-be and their planner of choice. But… that’s not all. You should also look for a planner who has taken the time to establish meaningful working relationships with vendors, forging the path to a collaborative conception that provides you with the best vendors, for the best price.


In fact, working with a dedicated planner can provide more than insightful guidance — it can even grant you access to exclusive discounts on integral components of your wedding day. This becomes especially important when considering getting married in Canada costs about $29,450 on average (in the US it comes with an approximate price tag of $38,700). A worthy investment, undeniably, but nonetheless you should have complete confidence that your planner is your advocate, and is helping you get the best price for your dream wedding.

This is precisely why we offer an exclusive partnership discount to planners as they look to create the music programming for their clients’ big day. We want to work alongside you, and your planner, to create a ceremony that is memorable and momentous on every level.



Look at it this way… If you were planning to go scuba diving for the first time, you would likely employ the expertise of a highly qualified expert to guide you through the process. Similarly, if you were training for a marathon (having never run one before) wouldn’t you enlist the advice of experienced runners who could show you the lay of the land? With your wedding day representing such a monumental experience, shouldn’t you enlist the expertise of a planner equipped with all the knowledge, tools, partnerships and expertise to ensure your wedding day exceeds your expectations?

After all, unless it’s demanded by your career, you likely have no experience planning a wedding until, well… you plan your own wedding. Understandably, that’s a lot of pressure for two people to bear (even with the help of eager in-laws) and, surely, you’ll have no shortage of questions along the way. How far in advance should you book your vendors? How much of your budget should you allocate for music? What about flowers? Table settings? How do you curate memorable entertainment that will enhance each element of your ceremony? How do you find a reliable vendor you can ultimately trust?

The sentiment here is simple, don’t bite off more than you can chew… unless, of course, it’s a wedding cake. Planners know exactly what to expect when to book, what vendors to work with, and precisely what the best price is for each element of your day — in turn, you will too.



Finally, why would an entertainment company be writing about event planners? Well, from a vendor’s perspective, there are several reasons. The execution of a seamless wedding takes a village, and working with an experienced, hyper-organized planner ensures logistics are accounted for across each aspect of the day while maintaining clear lines of communication.

In many ways, a wedding planner is the all-star quarterback, reading out the playbook to their star players. Ultimately, it’s up to those players to get the ball across the line, but the quarterback will lead the way. And in the case of unforeseen challenges? Well, your planner/QB/Wedding guru (whichever title you choose to assign) can help to run interference, and adapt on the fly to ensure any day-of hiccups are effectively mitigated.

Struggling to find the perfect wedding planner? Well, we can help with that too… stay tuned.

Happy planning!



Andrew St. Royal is a former professional musician and the founder and creative director of St. Royal. Andrew has taken part in over 1500 events - as a musician, music designer and producer.


St. Royal creates music experiences for events and celebrations. Their musicians, live bands, DJs, strings, jazz and specialty ensembles perform hundreds of events across Canada. 

Past clients include: Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Marriott, Soho House, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Special Olympics, Canadian Tire, Tiffany's, Royal Ontario Museum, Mercedes, TIFF, Royal Winter Fair, the Taste of Little Italy, and more.

St. Royal was founded by a professional musician and is led by a team of passionate event and music-industry professionals. To date, St. Royal has created performance opportunities which have put more than $4.6 million into the pockets of local music artists, the St. Royal Collective.