The Importance of Having a Stage

Andrew St. Royal

The Visual Impact of a Beautiful Stage for Your Showpiece Music

When planning a wedding, the reception is often the highlight of the event with the live band leading your guests in celebration and being a star of the show. The dance floor and overall celebration are where so many lasting memories are forged. The gasp of delight your guests will have at a visually stunning showpiece will be talked about for years!

One of the most important decisions to make on the AV and production side is whether to have a beautifully designed stage with lighting or an LED backdrop or not. There are a few key reasons why designing a beautiful stage is a great idea.

The stage is the centrepiece of your party

Firstly, having a stage is the centrepiece of the reception and beautifying it will tie the visual experience of your ballroom together. It will also help to draw attention to the band and create a focal point for the guests.  Having a stage also allows you to customize the look and feel of your event. You can choose from a variety of stage sizes shapes, and styles (multi-tier, rotating, circular etc) to suit the look and feel of your wedding or event. You can also choose from a range of lighting and sound options to really add to the performance and make sure your guests have the best experience possible. A stage also offers a great way to add some extra flair and personality to your event. You can add decorations such as hard-wall floral skirts or vinyl wraps to really make the stage stand out and make it feel more special and unique.

Let there be sight!

Secondly, having the stage risers improves sight lines letting everyone in the room enjoy the visual experience. Not only will it give your guests a better view of the performance, but it will also add a sense of grandeur and importance to the occasion. Having a stage can really help to set the tone and create a more immersive atmosphere. The elevated platform will allow your guests to see the performance better and can create an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. Plus, it’s a great way to ensure that your performers are the center of attention and can get the crowd going.

As they say, cleanliness... is a vibe

Thirdly, having a stage makes the room more aesthetic by cleaning up stray cables etc associated with a live music performance leaving a MUCH tidier and cleaner atmosphere - which carries forward a polished vibe.

Some reasons to say "no" to a stage

On the flip side, not having stage risers can also be beneficial depending on your wedding venue. In some cases, having a stage will take up too much floor space, blocking guests’ view of the dance floor or other areas of the room. In this case, having the band perform on the floor can be a great alternative.

Overall, having a stage for your live band or DJ at your wedding or event is a great way to add extra excitement, energy, and style to the occasion. It can help to create a more immersive atmosphere and ensure that your performers are the center of attention. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to customize the look and feel of your event and add some extra flair and personality.

The decision to have stage risers or not is highly dependent on your wedding venue and the event’s overall aesthetic. If you have the space and the budget to accommodate it, having stage risers can really take your reception to the next level and bring your wedding vision to life.

Happy planning!



Andrew St. Royal is a former professional musician and the founder and creative director of St. Royal. Andrew has taken part in over 1500 events - as a musician, music designer and producer.


St. Royal creates music experiences for events and celebrations. Their musicians, live bands, DJs, strings, jazz and specialty ensembles perform hundreds of events across Canada. 

Past clients include: Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Marriott, Soho House, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Special Olympics, Canadian Tire, Tiffany's, Royal Ontario Museum, Mercedes, TIFF, Royal Winter Fair, the Taste of Little Italy, and more.

St. Royal was founded by a professional musician and is led by a team of passionate event and music-industry professionals. To date, St. Royal has created performance opportunities which have put more than $4.6 million into the pockets of local music artists, the St. Royal Collective.