The First Thing to Consider When Planning Your Wedding Music

Andrew St. Royal


There’s an age-old Maya Angelou adage that reads, “At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

In the case of a wedding ceremony — the picturesque day you have spent months, years, or maybe even a lifetime imagining — this same sentiment rings true. A marriage, after all, is not a noun… it’s a verb. The union proclaimed and celebrated in front of loved ones, isn’t something simply given or received. Rather, it’s a continued action. It’s something you feel in every fibre of their being, in the way you love each other that day, and every day after that.

Of course, the process of planning the perfect day is no small undertaking. Surely, nothing deemed as ‘perfect’, ever is. And even after considering every meticulous detail, the wedding day may gift you with unexpected moments. But following all those carefully calculated choices, tastings, and pre-ceremony rituals, we arrive at the ultimate destination — the wedding day.  A day that will live in your mind as a series of unforgettable moments and, moreover, a feeling. Sure, you may not remember every sweet word shared, every flower arrangement perfectly placed around the venue, or even every song played — but you will remember how it made them, and their guests, feel.

Music is decor for the senses, but it’s important to realize that we can’t apply the same thinking to music design, that we do to decor.



It is with this understanding that we realize the importance of ‘objective-focused planning’. When it comes to a wedding, what is your wish-list? What do you care about most, and what do you care about the least? In that same breath, I encourage you to consider the overarching objective of each phase of the day, starting from the end of the night and working backwards. During the reception, what is the primary focus? What about the cocktail service? The ceremony? How do you want to feel, and how do you want your guests to feel, at each defining moment? Starting with the objective and building out a plan from that central understanding will allow for more clarity, creating an actionable, attainable vision for the day.

After all, a professional athlete wouldn’t head into a championship game, without identifying the objective of that game (bringing home the title) and getting clear on the steps required to achieve that result. Why should a wedding be any different? After all, you will be receiving your championship ring, in a sense…

And, I’m going to let you in on a little secret… amidst all the ever-important elements of a wedding day, music should exist at the forefront of the planning process. Why? Because in the realm of celebration, music is the beating heart that brings life to each moment and, as you might imagine, what works in your living room just might not work for your wedding.


With this in mind, it’s important to realize that we can’t apply the same thinking to music, that we do to decor. Music is an interactive, integral element of your ceremony, which should be curated specifically for the experience of celebration. That being said, the details of a well-executed music itinerary can get rather complex behind the scenes. After all, how many times in your life, have you been tasked with designing a music program, or hiring talent? I’m willing to bet that hasn’t crossed your To-Do list in any frequent manner. And so, as we adopt an objective-focused approach to the wedding planning process, we realize another, crucial takeaway… trust an expert. Or, even better, trust a team of experts; one which offers a great reputation, who you feel you can trust. Fortunately, that team does exist, and they offer a vetted, attentive process that invites collaboration, feedback, and a deeper understanding of the role music will play throughout the wedding ceremony.

Ultimately, music is a fluid experience and, with this in mind, the music vendor you choose should be entirely attentive to the energy of the room, paying careful attention to each detail of the experience. Simply reading lyrics and sheet music on stage isn’t enough; in fact, if it appears as though the music is running off a script, well, that surely won’t fan the flames of the moments we’re looking to create. It is this precise belief that influences every element of our planning process with grooms and brides to-be.

Whether you prefer a DJ roster or an 8-piece band, we recommend that you find a dedicated, attentive music vendor who not only boasts an intimate understanding of your vision for the day, but knows precisely how to execute it. Unique, meaningful music showpieces designed for maximum celebration, to elevate a day you — and your guests — will never forget. 

Happy planning! 🎶🎷



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