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The Repertoire Philosophy

We stay away from massive song lists; our list includes around 150 songs and is updated at least once a year, allowing us to memorize all this great music. You don’t want your band trying to lead a celebration and read sheet music at the same time!

We like to let our bands make their setlist first and then share it with the DJ to avoid duplicates. This way, too, everyone plays to their strengths; certain songs don’t translate well to a live band so we want the DJ to cover those.

For an event with a multigenerational audience, your band’s set list will generally skew with ‘classics’ in earlier sets, which keeps the older generations on the dance floor early in the event. The younger generations (and party animals) are treated to a more contemporary list as the event progresses. This keeps a good flow going into late night and a seamless transition to the DJ or late night playlist.

Our reputation is based on being able to lead a memorable dance party. Part of what helps us do that is we let our band leaders control the final set lists. Once the show starts, they’ll be constantly watching the crowd for responses and we need the ability to read the room and make adjustments on-the-fly. It is extremely rare to play
a setlist completely in order without changing at least one song when reading the room!

*Exceptions to this are if we are performing one-off special requests, highly complicated music (for example some jazz music),or in the event we are working with new or under-study (sub) musicians.