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A curated and hands-free live music entertainment program for a world-class hotel chain.

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Marriott Hotel Toronto

The client reached out to St. Royal for an RFP looking to create a new live music initiative for hotel guests in the lobby bar area known as “the round”. The Marriott Hotel Toronto is located in downtown Toronto and caters to more of a business-traveler clientele, than recreational travelers. This initiative was designed to capture and retain the hotel guests to stay in the hotel for happy hour before heading out for evening events and local dining, as well as to increase the lobby experience for new guests – which Marriott hotel scrutinizes as a key customer satisfaction metric across its global portfolio.


  • Designed a simple music program to test engagement and outcomes.
  • Provided simple vendor onboarding and payments, and a hands-free solution for GM.
  • Adjusted timing and duration based on feedback from the client.
  • Managed talent sourcing and vetting.
  • Managed talent performance rotation and music styles based on feedback from the client.
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