Spectacular Versailles-Themed Wedding

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Private Residence in Collingwood

This event was featured in HELLO! Canada and CSE 2019 Winner 'Best Wedding'!

Jenna & Nick, and 240 of their closest friends and family treated to a Collingwood waterfront event that won’t soon be forgotten.

Somewhere between extravagant details that included a beachside harpist, a carousel on the dance floor, and pastel flowers as far as the eye could see, two people came together in a music-filled wedding so intimate it could have been at City Hall.

Thanks to the efforts of their wedding planner, Tara O’Grady and many great vendors including St. Royal, who took care of all the music, the couple was able to transport their guests to a whimsical wonderland reminiscent of the court of Versailles with chandeliers, a custom-made carousel and, of course, a cake display of epic proportions.

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